I Have A Business Dispute That Needs Resolving

There are few certainties when it comes to business disputes except that, from time to time, they will arise. When they do, it takes legal, practical and strategic know-how to bring about results that work for you.

If you have a dispute, or want to advice on reducing the risk of disputes in future, contact our dispute resolution department today. 

The sections below highlight some of the areas in which one of our experienced lawyers can help.


If you are embroiled in a commercial dispute, the end probably seems a long way off. Positions quickly become entrenched and compromise may seem to be in short supply. This is where mediation could help. An alternative to a courtroom battle, mediation is a confidential process which prompts constructive, facilitated discussions between the parties. Mediation can also take place whilst litigation is ongoing to see if the case can settle without a final court hearing. Talk to our business disputes specialists about mediating your dispute, saving time, money and your valuable business relationships.


Another alternative to going to court is arbitration.  Arbitration involves an impartial outsider being asked to make decisions on a dispute.  Both parties present their evidence and then the arbitrator makes a final decision.  Arbitration is voluntary, and both sides must agree to abide by the arbitrators decision before it can go ahead.  Contact our business disputes team for further advice.


Disputes usually become litigated (issued at court) once negotiations and other types of dispute resolution have failed. In some cases there may be little you can do to prevent somebody bringing a claim against you or, as a claimant, you may feel that the court process is your best option for getting the dispute resolved. Our business disputes experts will help you prepare your case, advise you on strategy and make sure that your arguments are presented in the very best light at the hearing.

 Contract disputes

When a contractual arrangement falters the consequences can be far-reaching. Commercial relationship breakdowns, cashflow problems, reputational damage can all threaten your business’ short and long-term prospects. Our business disputes team will get to the heart of your issue quickly, untangling the complexities and helping you move forward on the best possible terms.

 Professional Negligence

Your business relies on professional services, from finance to property to law. If you are let down by professional advice, this can have serious implications for your business. You may lose money, you may miss opportunities and you may find yourself in litigation. With the help of our business disputes specialists you could start to put this right and be compensated for the poor service you received.

 Commercial Or Civil Fraud Actions

Fraud is not just about short-term financial loss. It can have ramifications for your business’ ongoing financial security, staff morale and wider reputation. If you or someone connected with your company is or may be subject to a fraud investigation, we could help minimise the effect this has on you and your business.

 Partnership, Shareholder Or Company Disputes

It would be too much to expect everyone to agree about everything all the time. When senior members of a company have opposing views on the business’ future direction, its products or financial allocations for example, this can shake the organisation from top to bottom. Talk to us; we help businesses work through their issues and protect the things that really matter.

 Construction Disputes

Construction projects are a joint effort between developers, contractors, sub-contractors and professionals including architects and surveyors. If you fall into one of these categories, there is a chance that at some stage in the project you will disagree with another party. It may be about the scope of your role, or about the quality of their work. However straightforward or complex the issue, it pays to sort it quickly, properly and with certainty – through informal discussions, arbitration or adjudication or, if it comes to it, court proceedings.

 Technology Disputes

IT projects are a breeding ground for complex, sometimes international, disputes. Issues relating to software development, licensing, systems integration and related intellectual property rights are not always easy to anticipate and the financial consequences of treading on a competitor’s toes – or having your own rights infringed - can be significant. We make sure that you follow the processes, make the right tactical moves and get the outcome that is right for you.

 Property Disputes

It is fairly common for commercial property owners or leaseholders to become involved in disputes about use of land, building work, permissions and rental arrangements. In practice, there are many more types of issues that can arise and cause difficulties for people whose businesses depend on straightforward property arrangements. We help resolve disputes early on, through alternative dispute resolution wherever possible.

 Consumer Disputes

As consumers we have expectations about the services and products we buy. As businesses we aim to meet those expectations, but this is not always successful. Products can be faulty, services can be deficient and, equally, disputes can be sparked by a consumer’s misunderstanding of the law. Whichever party you are, we can advise on the best route towards get your issue resolved quickly and definitively.

 Trademark Or Patent infringements

There are some things that should be unique to your business. One is your identity (your name or logo). Another is your invention; any specialist process you have designed which relates to your product or service, for example. If someone else is using either, you could take action to stop them. Similarly, you may be stopped from infringing a trademark or patent that belongs to someone else.  Disputes are rarely straightforward, but we can usually find a way through them.

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