Find The Right Fee Option For You

Need family law advice? At Hegarty Solicitors, we have a range of options to choose from, so there’s a package to suit your needs, whatever your situation.


Ideal for you if ...

Consider an alternative if...

£100+VAT initial appointment with advice
  • You are not sure how to proceed
  • You want some initial legal advice on your options before making a decision on what action to take
  • You know exactly what you need
  • You have reached a stage in proceedings where you need help completing forms or guidance on specific technical points
Support & advice package (PAYG)
  • You are on a tight budget (remember you will still need to pay any court fees)
  • You are confident that you can manage most of the paperwork and administration yourself
  • You have the time to complete paperwork etc.
  • You like the idea of doing the work yourself, but want access to advice from a fully qualified, experienced family lawyer if and when you need it
  • You want advice on how to complete forms, specific technical points or to decide on a strategy to adopt
  • You have already agreed a financial settlement / child contact with your ex-partner (if applicable)
  • You don’t want the stress of completing your own paperwork
  • You are in a complex financial situation
  • You want to be able to contact a solicitor by phone or email whenever you need to
Fixed fee package
  • You have a straightforward issue to resolve or an uncontested divorce
  • You don’t want to complete paperwork or handle the administration yourself
  • You want to keep your costs under control
  • There are complicated financial or child contact issues involved
  • You want flexibility in case anything unexpected crops up
Full representation
  • You have a complicated financial situation – pensions, more than one property etc.
  • You are unable to reach an agreement on child contact or other issues
  • You want to be able to contact your lawyer whenever you need to
  • You are on a very tight budget
  • Your situation is straightforward with no complicated financial issues or child contact issues
  • You want to handle your matter yourself


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