Family Fees & Charges

We try to be as open and honest as possible about our fees and charges. However, as every case is different, it can be difficult to give an exact quote until we have spoken to you about your individual situation and requirements.

Family Fixed Fee Packages

We have designed a number of family fixed fee packages to help you to control your costs and make sure there are no nasty surprises when you get the final bill. Our divorce packages start from just £600 plus any court fees. 

Not Sure What To Do Next?

If you are not sure how you want to progress but just want to talk to someone who can give you advice on all options available to you, we also offer an initial appointment with a family lawyer for just £90 including VAT.

Want To Represent Yourself But Need Some Guidance Along The Way?

Our Support & Advice package is ideal if you plan to represent yourself.  The package works on a pay as you go basis, so you can control your costs by only paying for legal advice as and when you need it.

Will I Qualify For Financial Assistance (Legal Aid)?

Legal Aid is only available to clients via our Stamford office.

Please note: As a result of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act (LASPO), which came into force on 1st April 2013, Legal Aid is only available for family law cases involving domestic violence, forced marriage or child abduction.  Legal Aid continues to be available for child protection matters (care proceedings).
At your initial meeting we will be able to advise whether you are eligible for financial assistance and will complete the necessary forms for you. We like to be as open and honest as possible about our charges. If you have any questions about this aspect please do not hesitate to contact us.

If I Do Not Qualify For Financial Assistance, & A Fixed Fee Option Is Not Appropriate For Me How Much Will I Have To Pay?

A large number of our clients do not qualify for financial assistance. In these cases, the costs of any actions we take will need to be met from your own income or reserves.

We work on a time-costing basis. In other words, you are only charged for the time we spend working on your case. This is a fair method of charging as it reflects the amount of work we undertake on your behalf. You will be told the hourly rate at which you will be charged at your first meeting.

If you are ineligible for financial assistance you should ask for an estimate of the likely costs. Solicitors are obliged to provide an estimate of their costs at the beginning of the case.

What Is ‘Money On Account’?

We will ask for money ‘on account’ which is an up-front payment that means that we can start working on your case. Once you have made the payment, the fees for any time we spend on your case will be taken from that amount.

When Will I Receive A Bill?

We will send you monthly bills that state what the costs are for and provide you with a computerised breakdown of the bill. Your bills will show the amount you have given us as ‘money on account’, and if there is any outstanding balance to pay. Please pay any outstanding balance promptly, because if we do not receive payment we may not be able to continue working on your case.

How Can I Pay?

We try to make it as convenient as possible for you to pay. We take cash, cheques, and all major credit cards. Many clients set up a standing order for a certain amount each month so that they know they can budget for their charges.

What If I Face Financial Difficulties Because My Circumstances Change?

The first thing you must do is to let us know immediately if your financial circumstances change so that we can re-assess your situation. Usually we try to reach some financial arrangement to help you in this situation.

"2014 was by far the worst year of my life to date. From the first time I met Lesley back in November 2013, she put me at ease and guided me exceedingly well through a very traumatic period. Thanks!!!" 

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