Seminars and Training

As training costs spiral ever higher, we can offer a cost effective solution to provide high quality training on those topics that are important to your business for either a few key members or a whole team.

The advantages of bespoke seminars are:


Often our bespoke seminars are more cost effective than external training courses, especially as we usually set no upper limit on the number that can attend. Most clients choose to hold the seminar at their premises to minimise venue costs and travelling time and expenses.

Content: You can discuss with a lawyer which topics to include; therefore ensuring the seminar is relevant to both your organisation and to the audience.


The presenters are always our lawyers who are experts in their field and up to date with current legislation and trends. Many appear at national conferences for trade organisations across the UK.

Comprehensive Notes

For all bespoke seminars we will provide comprehensive notes for delegates.

Frequently requested bespoke seminars include:

  • Employment Rights – covers in detail: maternity rights, paternity rights, adoption rights, parental rights and flexible working rights. 
  • Data Protection is a mountain of rules and regulations that HR professionals are expected to understand, learn and implement in their procedures. Hegarty Solicitors can present a half day comprehensive training seminar covering all aspects of Data Protection that are currently in force.
  • Aspects covered in the Training Seminar include:   Definitions, Principles of Data Protection, Data Protection Notices, Managing Data Protection, Recruitment and Selection, Employment records, Monitoring at work, How intrusive is your monitoring & Rights to Employees.
  • Health & Safety Seminar  - The Courts can be very harsh on employers who fail to properly protect their employees. This training course provides an overview of the health and safety legislation, guidance on managing health and safety at work, explains the purpose and use of risk assessments & the liability for failing to comply with this legislation
  • Debt Recovery– Practical advice on recovering debts

If you would like more information on bespoke seminars please contact Laura Charnley on 01733 295618 or e-mail: