Business Disputes

Even the most successful businesses face disputes from time to time.  They can be frustrating and time consuming to deal with, and can divert your attention away from the day-to-day running of your business.

Our specialist dispute resolution lawyers can help. We have many years experience in assisting  businesses of all types and sizes with a very wide range of problems and disputes including but not limited to breach of contract, debt recovery, construction law, property law and housing problems, as well as internal issues, such as disputes between shareholders, partners or even employees.

While every dispute is different, they have one thing in common - the potential to escalate quickly and expensively.  Our focus will always be on getting to the heart of any dispute, however complex, and formulating a strategy to resolve it as swiftly and as cost effectively as possible.

We will be completely honest with you about your chances of success, and give you a realistic idea of the likely fees and charges involved.  You will have a dedicated point of contact that you can contact directly by telephone or email, and we will provide you with  regular updates on the progress of your case. 

Our lawyers are skilled advocates who see litigation as a last resort. Most of the cases we deal with are suited to alternative dispute resolution such as negotiation, mediation or arbitration, which can bring about a solution faster and more cost effectively than going to court. However, if your dispute cannot be resolved through these methods, our skilled litigators will fight your corner in the court room to get the very best result possible for your business.

We act for businesses of all sizes, from small concerns and partnerships to major PLCs. We also act for public sector organisations including Government departments. Our clients’ resources and challenges can differ greatly, but what they need from us is the same. Lawyers who grasp the commercial realities, who have their finger on the pulse of the law, who speak plain-English, are upfront about fees, and who get the results they are looking for.

At Hegarty Solicitors that is what we deliver. Trust us to put in place solutions which work commercially and which enable you to focus on managing your business.

We can advise your business on any commercial dispute including:

A fantastic firm, streets ahead for its rare combination of outstanding legal judgement and sound commercial advice. 

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