Consumer Law

Everything you buy has a purpose and a value. When either of these falls short of your expectations, you may have some legal recourse. That is where we can help.

Consumer law covers buying and selling goods and services; from a faulty kettle, to rogue traders, to misleading prices and untrue claims about a product’s capabilities. The spectrum is broad and as specialists in this area we have handled virtually every type of consumer-related case there is, acting for buyers, sellers and contractors.

Our way of working is dictated by two things. The first is our firm belief that clients deserve the best possible service from us. That means clear, jargon-free advice delivered and actioned when it is needed. Secondly, we are consumers too. We know just how frustrating it is to feel let down by a goods or services provider.

Our skill is in using the law and our strategic know-how to put right what has gone wrong. It might be negotiating a refund or it might be challenging another party’s position in court. Whatever the circumstances, our sights are firmly set on getting you the outcome you are looking for.

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