Housing Problems

Anyone who owns, rents or lets a home faces the possibility of a legal wrangle somewhere along the line. At Hegarty Solicitors we make sure that issues are ironed out quickly and with certainty.

When it comes to a home, whether freehold or leasehold, there are not just strict legal entitlements and obligations to think about. There are emotions too, and that can add another layer of intricacy to housing law issues.

You may be a homeowner in dispute with a difficult neighbour. Perhaps you are a tenant who wants more from your home than your landlord is prepared to offer. You may be an owner who is unhappy about your tenant’s behaviour.

In every kind of housing-related scenario what starts as a minor niggle can escalate rapidly. Parties’ positions can become entrenched, making a satisfactory resolution difficult to achieve.

Our skill is in getting to the heart of a problem long before it gets to that point. We are creative in designing strategies to get the result you are looking for, whatever stage the dispute has reached. From drafting agreements which get landlords and tenants off on the right footing, to helping negotiate or mediate disputes, to representing you in court if no other avenue of resolution remains open, we can help.

With many years of experience in advising homeowners, tenants and landlords, we are quick to grasp issues and to understand specific tensions.  We offer clear, practical advice against the backdrop of the law, always in plain English and never peppered with jargon or unnecessary legalisms.

For more information about tenant’s rights, see our helpful guide to rented housing.

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