Our Fees & Charges

We believe in being clear and transparent in our pricing.  If you are buying or selling property, you can use our online get a quote service to get a quote for our conveyancing service.  We have also introduced a number of family law fixed fee options and fixed fee contract reviews for business clients, so you know exactly what you will be paying.

People need the support of a solicitor for a number of different reasons, and because every case we handle is different, it can be difficult always to provide an exact quote for our services.

Easy To Understand Cost Estimates From The Outset

We will tell you how much your case is likely to cost once we have discussed your needs with you at your initial meeting with us. 

We will highlight anything that could potentially increase or decrease these costs (for example, If you are involved in a dispute, it could be more expensive to resolve if both parties fail to reach an agreement through mediation and the case ends up in court)  and we will review this estimate on a regular basis.

If anything happens as your case progresses that could significantly increase or decrease your costs we will let you know as soon as possible, and certainly before any additional costs are incurred.

How We Calculate Our Fees

The basis for calculation of our fees is by reference to the time spent in dealing with the case.  This includes meetings we have with you, preparing paperwork, and making and receiving telephone calls.  Our charges range from £80 plus VAT an hour for a paralegal through to £225 an hour plus VAT for a partner.  You may also need to pay court costs and other expenses, but the likely cost of these will be explained to you at your initial meeting with us.