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With the ever changing economy and the inherent instinct of survival in what is a 'dog-eat-dog world' it is increasingly important to know exactly what you are getting yourself into, whether it is a contract for the supply of services or goods, or a franchise, agency or distribution agreement. With our contract reviews, we do exactly that, saving you time and helping to reduce your risks. This service can be used for any contract, whether prepared by a third party or your own contract to which a third party has suggested changes.


What does it cost?

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All of our contract reviews are written in plain English with no 'legalease'. Each review will consider the contractual terms and the commercial aspects which may impact on you and your business. It is not always about what is in the contract but also what is missing, so we will advise you on any additional points you need to consider.

At Hegarty Solicitors, we understand business. We appreciate that there are those contracts or terms and conditions which have been lying around untouched for days or even weeks and that suddenly require urgent attention. Therefore, we have developed a three-tiered structure which allows you to choose the level of detail you want, and the timescale in which you receive your response by.

Range Of Options

Depending on your circumstances, you can chose between a full contract review, or a shorter, 'need to know' review. Our full contract review gives you a clause by clause explanation of the contract. It is a detailed report to give you a full understanding of the contract you are considering.

Alternatively, our 'need to know' review covers the points we think you should consider before you enter into the contract. It includes comments on what is in the document as well as highlighting important points that are missing.

No Hidden Extra Costs

The fees we quote are the fees you pay, without compromising on quality.

What's Not Included?

Our contract reviews will generally exclude consideration of pricing structures, delivery timetables, technical specification and other commercially specific schedules or information. These pages are excluded from the number of pages referred to for the cost of the service.

If your requirements are not covered by the above, please contact our Company Law department in Peterborough or Stamford for support on any aspect of company law.


What does it cost?

Launch the contract review calculator to find out

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