Q&A: I have been accused of harassment and summoned to the police station. What can I do?

Q.  My ex-wife and I are going through a bitter custody dispute over our three children. This week she has accused me of harassment, and I have been summoned to the police station.  I am sure this is a ploy to stop me having access to our children.  What can I do?

 A.  You should make sure that you have a solicitor with you when you attend the police station as the consequences could be severe.  You could face a prison sentence if convicted of harassment and you may need help to deal with your police interview, apply for bail and defend the case in court.  Representation at the police station is not means tested and is free, independent and available to all.  It is, sadly, not unusual for allegations to arise out of a child custody battle but a solicitor will help you to advance your defence and, if it comes to it, cross examine your ex-wife as to her motives.

 Sarah DunneSolicitor

This article was previously published in the Stamford Mercury.