Q&A: What is a Notice of Intended Prosecution?


Q.  I got caught by a speed camera doing 40 mph in a 30 zone.  I have received something called a notice of intended prosecution in the post.  What is this and what does it mean?

 A. A notice of intended prosecution is an important document that requires the recipient to say who was driving a vehicle at a time when that vehicle is suspected of involvement in a motoring offence.  Ignoring the notice can have serious consequences as failure to respond to the notice of intended prosecution carries a minimum of six penalty points and can result in disqualification from driving.  Lying about the true identity of the driver can have even more serious consequences - as Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce discovered - as naming the wrong driver can lead to a prosecution for perverting the course of justice which almost always results in a custodial sentence.

Sarah Acres, Solicitor

This article was previously published in the Stamford Mercury.