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Family Matters

Giving notice of your intention to marry

Q. I have recently got engaged, are there any formal requirements I need to satisfy?

A. There are no formal steps you need to take. Other than celebrating your engagement, you should decide upon a date to get married. Thereafter, whether you are having a religious ceremony, a civil marriage ceremony or a civil partnership, you will need to register your intention to marry at your local Register Office at least 28 full days preceding the day of your wedding and your notice will be publicly displayed for this time (28 days). You have one year thereafter to get married or register your civil partnership.

When you attend at the Register Office to give your notice, you will need to take proof of your name, age and nationality. If you have been divorced before, you will need to take your Decree Absolute and if you have changed your name, you will need to take your Change of Name Deed. There may be a fee for each of you to pay to register your notice. If you would like a religious ceremony, you will need to talk to the church in which you would like to get married to enquire as to any formalities they may have.  All that is left thereafter is to plan and enjoy your day.

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