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Can my employer change my place of work?

Q. My employer has advised me that it is likely my place of work will move during the summer to a location ten miles away. Am I obliged to continue to work for my employer and if so is he obliged to increase my salary to cover the additional costs of transport and time taken for the journey?

A. The answer depends on whether the extra distance is considered reasonable, which will depend on a number of factors, such as your home address and mode of transport to and from work and the length of time it takes in additional travel if the move takes place. If your contract has provision for you to work at any location directed by your employer so long as the journey is not too arduous or takes too long, you could be required to move and the employer is not obliged to make any contribution to your additional expenses of travel or compensating you for the additional time. If there is no mobility clause within your contract of employment your employer would not necessarily be able to force you to move and if he closes the place down where you currently work you may be entitled to a redundancy payment in addition to payment for contractual notice.

Martin Bloom, Partner,

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