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Q. I want to bring a Claim to an Employment Tribunal against my former employer but understand I now have to pay a fee to do so.  Is this correct?

A. Prior to 29th July 2013 anyone wishing to present a Claim to an Employment Tribunal could do so free of any fee payable to the Tribunal Service.  That position has changed.  Anyone now wishing to present a Claim must pay a fee to the Tribunal Service otherwise their Claim cannot proceed.

The amount of the fee will depend upon the type of Claim being brought.  For Unfair Dismissal and Discrimination Claims an initial fee of £250.00 is payable and a further £950.00 is payable to enable the case to be listed for a Hearing, i.e. a total fee of £1,200.00.  For smaller Claims such as Unlawful Deduction of Wages and Holiday Pay cases the initial fee is £160.00 with a further £230.00 payable at the Hearing stage – a total of £390.00.

Some Claimants will be exempt from paying any fee, e.g. if they are in receipt of Income Support.  The process of paying the fee and presenting the Claim can be complex.  For that reason and to ensure that you do not waste your fee on a Claim without merit, I suggest you obtain advice from a Solicitor specialising in employment law.

Martin Bloom, Partner and Head of Employment

*This article was previously printed in the Stamford Mercury

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