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Where do I need to change my name checklist

Family Matters

There can be many circumstances in which you find yourself having to change your name. You could have just got married, or oppositely just finalised a divorce. You could just simply be changing your name for personal reasons perhaps linked to gender identity or religion.

To change your name, you’ll need to have the right documents to do so. These can be different depending on the reason for the change of name, but we usually advise people to have their birth certificate and their change of name deed to hand. You can check with your lawyer about which documents you’ll need specifically for you case.

It’s also worth checking with the organisation you are trying to change your name with as to whether they will accept photocopies of the documentation or if they require the original. If you do send the original out, always make sure you get this back as you may need it for something else.

Changing your name can be overwhelming as you begin to realise just how many places your name is and where it needs to be changed.

We’ve come up with this handy checklist so whatever the circumstance of you changing your name, you can keep track of which organisations you need to inform.

Download our handy checklist

If you need more information or guidance on changing your name, contact Sarah Chapman by emailing or by calling 01733 295 622.

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