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New legislation enacted in 2015 created the offence of ‘Drug Driving’. Though it has always been illegal to drive whilst under the influence of drugs, the creation of this offence sought to show a no tolerance approach to drug driving and to ensure that those who were found to have drugs above the allowed specified limit in their system are prosecuted.

If you have been charged with Drug Driving, Hegarty Solicitors are here to help.

I’ve been charged with Drug Driving, what should I do now?

It is important to note that the offence of Drug Driving cannot ordinarily be covered by Legal Aid. This means that if you want legal advice and/or representation in Court you will be required to pay privately for it. We offer an initial advice appointment for £100 plus VAT where you can be advised about the offence (and any possible defences), the likely outcome of the case and the costs involved. Please contact our criminal law department on 01733 346333 to arrange an appointment.

If convicted what kind of sentence can I expect?

The Magistrates have the power to sentence those convicted of Drug Driving to:-

  • A minimum disqualification of 12 months
  • An unlimited fine
  • Up to 6 months in prison

The majority of defendants who face a prosecution for Drug Driving will receive a financial penalty and a mandatory driving ban. Our solicitors can represent you at Court and ensure that any sentence received is proportionate and fair in reflection of the circumstances of your case.

A conviction for drug driving could impact your employment, opportunities to travel to other countries and will likely see your car insurance costs increase significantly in the future.

Will I definitely be disqualified?

If you plead guilty or are found guilty, the Magistrates are obliged to impose a ban of at least 12 months for a conviction of Drug Driving, unless special reasons apply. You should seek legal advice to discuss whether it might be possible to defend the case, argue special reasons or mitigate the length of your ban.

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